Shanghai junen law firm to provide professional legal services approved by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of justice a comprehensive partnership law firm. Junen lawyers dedicated to every customer to provide accurate and efficient legal services for the purpose, in order to realize the maximization of the interests of the client as the primary goal.

Shanghai junen law firm with a loose working environment for every lawyer to provide all the convenience, to facilitate the lawyers to provide customers with better quality and efficient legal services. Jun en every lawyers all graduated from domestic outstanding law school, excellent professional knowledge and rich experience in handling cases, and most lawyers have in public security, procuratorate, court, University, foreign enterprises, banks and other industry experience, with a wide range of social resources, can be more convenient for each customers to provide all-round, multi-level legal services.

In the business field, Shanghai junen law firms currently set up real estate affairs, marriage and family affairs, criminal defense legal services department, company legal affairs department, construction Department of legal affairs, foreign-related civil and commercial legal department, commercial arbitration legal affairs department and other departments.

The office is located in room 1105, building 11, building 807, Wuzhou International Building, No. nine, Jia Bang Road, Central Business District, Shanghai, Xuhui District. It is conveniently located near metro line seven and line 2.

In order to better and faster adapt to the current trends, Jun Yan warmly welcome excellent lawyers to join the industry. Lawyer junen hotline: 021-33681078.

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